Sunday Worship Clips

Bro. Ben and John Yo preached at nursing home.

Bro. Paul preached in service.  

Sis. Tiaana's fiance visited her in Taiwan! 

Ben's classmates also worshiped with us!

Sunday Worship and Ben

This Sunday Worship

Last Friday early morning, Ben flew back Taiwan from Singapore and will stay here for one month. 

Bro. Shou Ting Chang's Example

This is the brother Shou Ting Chang at Taichung Church of Christ, he is already over eighty years old. However, every Sunday he comes punctually for the Bible study and worship.
He rides electric scooter here and takes stairs to the fourth floor on Sundays.

If it does not rain, he would not ask brethren to give him a ride.
He is such a wonderful example for us.

Brethren, what kind of excuse we have to say we are tired and skip the service and Bible study?

Would you live a faithful Christian life?
Before the heavenly door closes, where will you be?  

Bible Study

Bible Study at Tracy and Jared's Home