Brethren from Malaysian Klang COC

A bro. and sister from Malaysian Klang CoC visited Taichung CoC.

Sunday Life

Sunday  Schedule:
John preached at the nursing home in the morning; Paul preached in the service; Ben's seven classmates joined worship; Jimmy, Jared, Tracy and Michelle helped in the afternoon.

Roof Floor Work

Some brethren came to help roof floor renovation on Saturday. 

Ben's Preaching and LASALEE College of the Arts

Ben preached in Chinese and English the story of "David and Goliath.
Ben is going to study at LASALEE College of the Arts on July 17 for three years in Singapore.

Water-Proof Paint on the Roof Floor

Thank God! 
We have received the total amount NT$269,500 for the roof top construction ! 
We even obtained US$500 more for water-proof floor paint and
NT$11,000 more for roof floor wall paint! 
Thank all brethren's help with the roof floor construction of Taichung COC!